First post, a welcome

Welcome to this Direct Marketing Blog.

What this blog is about

This blog is about the several aspects of marketing, specifically direct and interactive marketing that interest me the most. Subcategories would include email and other forms of digital marketing and database marketing, that although may be seen as separate disciplines are for my purposes parts of direct marketing.

I am equally interested in B2B as well as B2C domestic (UK) as well as international direct and interactive marketing so will blog on those topics, amongst others.

Why I have set it up

Essentially as a central ‘store’ of my thoughts, contributions to articles or research that I have encountered that might be of interest. Or as Gerry McGovern refers to it, the web acts as a kind of collective “memory” (McGovern, 2006).

Barriers that I may face

Like everyone else, time is short so as I type this I am slightly worried about keeping it updated frequently enough. I want to ensure that I keep the content good, trustworthy and above all interesting. What worried me a little piece of information in Gerry McGovern’s book that websites published by individuals are in the main “trusted by only 9%” (McGovern, 2006).

I am also concerned about not being negative or overly critical. I think it could be a little too easy to critisize campaigns run by others, so that is something I want to avoid. If I do post campaigns I plan to share what I like about them, what I felt were the positive aspects either from a marketing standpoint, a recipient standpoint or both.

Further because I want this blog to act as a store, I do want to republish some thoughts or articles that may have been published elsewhere. When this happens I will make reference to where the article first appeared. I also intend to fully reference any book, journal or white paper articles or reports that I may find or use.

I hope that it will evolve over time and look forward to seeing what becomes of it. I have deliberately decided to try a new platform after having several blogs hosted on different platforms. Thus far I have been impressed with WordPad.

References used in this post

McGovern, Gerry (2006) Killer Web Content, London, AC & Black.


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