International Address Guide

SwissPost have released their International AddressGuide which contains a reasonable amount of information on 22 markets (demography,address format etc). And then in more depth an overview of data sources in each country along with more detailed information on who the key providers of data sources are along with contact information. Furthermore introductory pages contain useful tips on address formatting, translation of some technical terms as well as a glossary.

Any guide is a useful starting point before international expansion but suppliers in individual countries need to be selected with care as do the individual lists they represent so as to ensure particularly with prospect data sourcing the lists most likely to succeed are used. The guide is further of use to essentially size the market as part of the overall planning process.

Whilst suppliers are listed, actual lists or data sources other than those offered by list owners are not.  This isn’t neccesarily a drawback provided it is understood by  the user what services the supplier offers and which data sources they are recommending and why.

SwissPost are to be congratulated for putting together such a volume, with close to 300 pages. All in all a useful guide as a starting point when looking for international data sources. In the package I was sent came a very useful International Holiday Calendar for 2009, showing key holidays by country and a helpful European postcode map.

You can order your copy here.

International Address Guide - Consumer and business addresses from 22 countries - SwissPost

References used in this post

International AddressGuide: Consumer and business addresses from 22 countries (2008), SwissPost.


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